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From "Stephen Rosman" <>
Subject Re: GSoC final report
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 22:55:01 GMT
> Cocoon internals are quite big, it includes:
>    * treeprocessor (sitemap engine)
>    * pipelines handling
>    * enviornment handling
>    * Avalon-Spring bridge
> and much, much more.
> What are you especially interested in? What's the goal behind getting to
> know about Cocoon internals?
Well I'm trying to use cocoon at work (I work at a Australian state
parliament - nothing
published yet but the first project is producing members information as
pages etc).

There's a couple of areas where the documentation is a little lacking (e.g.
the esql logic
sheet) I'd like to be able to extend some parts (e.g. esql being able to
bind an array of
values to a parameter for an IN clause) and write some components (e.g. FO

Now although that doesn't sound like I need to know about the internals, I
could just
work on logic sheets etc. there's always Joel Spolsky's law of leaky
abstractions and
since the project has been so useful to me I'd like to be able to help,
which is not
entirely altruistic since if the project is healthy it's more likely to hang
around longer
and there will be more higher paid jobs around using it. :-)

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