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From Kazó Csaba <>
Subject Re: DatabaseReader can't get datasource
Date Sun, 05 Aug 2007 11:07:29 GMT
> Kazó, have you actually tried current HEAD of trunk? I believe it should work without
any glitches. If not, report issues ASAP.

Interestingly, after updating again, it starts with no problem. Strange, there hasn't been
a commit since then, and I always use "clean install" to make sure all is right. (It was some
Spring bean configuration exception for some xml in the expression-language-impl module, something
about non-writable property; but I guess it's false alarm.)

As to the datasource thing, it is kind of hard to tell, what is the most recent, "preferred"
way of getting things done. In DatabaseReader and SQLTransformer, I see this non-working way;
in the daisy docs, and also in the modular database actions, I see the selector way. I haven't
seen any other way, so my knowledge ends here. (Though as far as I can see, there is supposed
to be a new "preferred" way: using Spring instead of Avalon, bypassing the bridge; I don't
have a clue how to do that.)

Anyway, I'm going to create an issue for this soon, and see what happens.



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