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From Andrew Cave <>
Subject Re: Missing feature in XIncludeTransformer
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 19:27:55 GMT
I'm curious as to why this failed to generate responses. Maybe someone 
could offer me some advice. Should I have just submitted my patch to 
JIRA first, or is there something else I should have done?

Andrew Cave

Andrew Cave wrote:
> Hello,
> I noticed that Cocoon's XIncludeTransformer seems to be missing the 
> base URI fixup support specified in the W3C's XInclude spec [1] 
> (Careful, this is distinct from supporting xml:base to resolve 
> relative xi:include hrefs against).
> In short, it says that the base URIs of documents do not change when 
> passed through an XInclude parser. This means that xml:base attributes 
> with the value of the current base URI should be added to the top 
> level included elements. To see an example, the xmllint parser (part 
> of libxml2) will perform this attribute insertion when you enable 
> XInclude processing.
> I think this feature is important because otherwise, relative URIs 
> (i.e. links) in an included document will break if the included 
> document is not located in the same directory. Adding the xml:base 
> attribute to the result gives later content handlers the ability to 
> resolve relative URIs against the base. (In particular, I'm thinking 
> of using XPath 2.0's resolve-uri function).
> Any thoughts? Is this a feature we need to see?
> I think this is the cleanest and most general solution for resolving 
> relative URIs in included documents -- not to mention it's required by 
> the XInclude spec. Pending discussion here, I've created a patch that 
> adds this support that I can submit to JIRA.
> -- 
> Andrew Cave
> [1] - The Base URI Fixup section 
> of the W3C's XInclude specification

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