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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Releasing Cocoon 2.2 final (was: Re: HttpServletRequest vs o.a.c.e.Request saga continues)
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 13:39:20 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler pisze:
> Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:
>> Do you remember that we have released RC1 but have not announced it yet?
> Yes, so the release is actually worthless - releasing without anyone
> telling is like writing a book and never publishing it.

On the other hand, without docs such an announcement can spoil our hard work. Imagine flood
of mails on user mailing list asking, where on 
the hell are docs for C2.2. We need something published.

>> The only reason for this situation is that we don't have new site
>> published yet. There is no documentation about C2.2 officially published
>> so it's nonsense to announce it.
> Yes, so why not just publish the docs and release? What are we *really*
> waiting for? I really doubt that the documentation situation will get
> better the longer we wait. So let's just use what is there - we will see
> if it's sufficient or not.

What we really waiting for? My own list is:
1. Creating docs (or at least one document) for cocoon-servlet-service. I assign this task
to myself and I'm willing to provide some 
prototype *today*.
2. Structure adjustments. There are already some documents that are at wrong locations or
are unreachable at all. It's really task for few 
hours of clicking around Daisy.
3. AFAIK, there are some infrastructure glitches but I don't know details.

There is a document describing the
status of our documentation.

My personal opinion is that if few folks started to work on docs right away, we could have
it in shape within one or two days because really 
thin work is left.

I hope that Reinhard can comment more on this.

>> <snip/>
>> I'm speaking about it because I would like to release Cocoon 2.2 soon,
>> too.
> Once i had the dream that we could release 2.2 in 2005, then i had this
> very realistic dream of releasing it by the end of 2006 - but in the end
> these were all just dreams, so i stopped dreaming.

Yes, I've seen these dreams. Cocoon has a long tradition of being unable to make releases
timely. Currently, I'm very motivated to abandon 
this hurting-all-of-us tradition.

>> Then my preference is to take following steps:
>>   1. Release 2.1.11 and almost completely freeze 2.1.x branch. We could
>> agree to allow only critical fixes to go there.
> +1
>>   2. Release 2.2 version of core and 1.0 version of various blocks. Move
>> cocoon-core:2.2 to maintenance branch and allow bug fixes and small
>> improvements. Same for blocks released as 1.0.
> +1
>>   3. We could start development of cocoon-core:2.3 in trunk. Blocks that
>> would depend on cocoon-core:2.3 could be released as 1.1.0 because it's
>> a major change to their dependency. Of course, if block is changed
>> significantly in some other way than change in dependencies it would be
>> released as 1.1.0 too.
> +1
>> I also think that we could release cocoon-core:2.3 just after I finish
>> changes to Object Model and Expression handling so people can benefit
>> from it right away.
> +1
> Now all you really need are some more committers who would like to
> support this plan - and that's the really hard part. One indication of
> interest is the very low participation in this thread....

No matter how sad is it, you are right. I have nothing good to say about this situation. I
only hope that people ignored this thread because 
of highly technical subject. I changed it hoping I'm right...

Grzegorz Kossakowski

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