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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: HttpServletRequest vs o.a.c.e.Request saga continues
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 07:00:39 GMT
Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:
> Do you remember that we have released RC1 but have not announced it yet?
Yes, so the release is actually worthless - releasing without anyone
telling is like writing a book and never publishing it.

> The only reason for this situation is that we don't have new site
> published yet. There is no documentation about C2.2 officially published
> so it's nonsense to announce it.
Yes, so why not just publish the docs and release? What are we *really*
waiting for? I really doubt that the documentation situation will get
better the longer we wait. So let's just use what is there - we will see
if it's sufficient or not.

> <snip/>
> I'm speaking about it because I would like to release Cocoon 2.2 soon,
> too.
Once i had the dream that we could release 2.2 in 2005, then i had this
very realistic dream of releasing it by the end of 2006 - but in the end
these were all just dreams, so i stopped dreaming.

> Then my preference is to take following steps:
>   1. Release 2.1.11 and almost completely freeze 2.1.x branch. We could
> agree to allow only critical fixes to go there.

>   2. Release 2.2 version of core and 1.0 version of various blocks. Move
> cocoon-core:2.2 to maintenance branch and allow bug fixes and small
> improvements. Same for blocks released as 1.0.

>   3. We could start development of cocoon-core:2.3 in trunk. Blocks that
> would depend on cocoon-core:2.3 could be released as 1.1.0 because it's
> a major change to their dependency. Of course, if block is changed
> significantly in some other way than change in dependencies it would be
> released as 1.1.0 too.

> I also think that we could release cocoon-core:2.3 just after I finish
> changes to Object Model and Expression handling so people can benefit
> from it right away.

Now all you really need are some more committers who would like to
support this plan - and that's the really hard part. One indication of
interest is the very low participation in this thread....



Carsten Ziegeler

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