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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: HttpServletRequest vs o.a.c.e.Request saga continues
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 18:05:31 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler pisze:
> Ok, all this is definitly not optimal and it now pays back that we never
> paid enough attention when the various parts were developed by different
> people.
> I understand your frustration and I would opt for clearing everything up
> in your situation as well.
> I personally have no problems with breaking the contracts for 2.2 in
> some places if it makes sense. We changed already a lot of things, so
> why not changing some more? The question is do we loose users just
> because of this? I don't think so.
> BUT, there is still no final release of 2.2 and it's not even visible
> when this will happen. Such changes will create the nice and easy
> argument to delay the release further. I still would prefer to release
> 2.2 *today* (well today is not feasible, but let's say in the next 7
> days) and directly afterwards do this refactoring.


> Not changing the environment abstraction is a mistake, but not releasing
> is imho a much bigger one.

Do you remember that we have released RC1 but have not announced it yet? The only reason for
this situation is that we don't have new site 
published yet. There is no documentation about C2.2 officially published so it's nonsense
to announce it.

Now, we have to decide what to do. I would be very happy to help with documentation but it
means I would have to neglect my GSoC tasks. I 
have no problem with it because days without Cocoon's internals could be much brighter ;)

However, investing my GSoC time into writing documentation seems to violate agreement with
both Cocoon community and Google Summer of Code 
organizers. I made a promise to work on unification of Object Model and Expression handling
to Cocoon community. Moreover, SoC has its own 
opinion on working on documentation[1]. Of course we could say that I've already contributed
some code and it does not harms that much if I 
spend few days only on documentation. What's your opinion?

I'm speaking about it because I would like to release Cocoon 2.2 soon, too. Then my preference
is to take following steps:
   1. Release 2.1.11 and almost completely freeze 2.1.x branch. We could agree to allow only
critical fixes to go there.
   2. Release 2.2 version of core and 1.0 version of various blocks. Move cocoon-core:2.2
to maintenance branch and allow bug fixes and 
small improvements. Same for blocks released as 1.0.
   3. We could start development of cocoon-core:2.3 in trunk. Blocks that would depend on
cocoon-core:2.3 could be released as 1.1.0 because 
it's a major change to their dependency. Of course, if block is changed significantly in some
other way than change in dependencies it would 
be released as 1.1.0 too.

I also think that we could release cocoon-core:2.3 just after I finish changes to Object Model
and Expression handling so people can benefit 
from it right away.



Grzegorz Kossakowski

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