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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Division of Cocoon's JIRA project
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2007 05:15:59 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:
> On 10.07.2007 23:08, Ralph Goers wrote:
>> We also got this response:
>> Jeff Turner pisze:
>> I don't think splitting the COCOON project is a good idea..
>> From what I see, you've arbitrarily divided Cocoon modules into areas of
>> functionality ("core", "database", "forms" etc) and want a separate
>> project for each. From a JIRA modelling POV, the only advantage of
>> splitting these into separate projects is so each can have their own
>> versions, components and release process (release notes, etc).
> That was exactly what I meant: Jeff put our need into question but 
> Grek explained our needs in detail [1]. The rest of the thread - as 
> far as it was on this list - was only about the prefix. So I can't see 
> a negative reaction from infra.
But neither do you see a positive reaction. The rest of the thread?  
Basically, I think those were the only two replies. 

I believe Maven structures their Jira as has been requested, but it 
isn't hosted at Apache.  The real question for me is, do we need 
explicit permission to do this or do we do it unless someone says no. I 
get the impression that the second alternative is your preferred approach. 

I really have no opinion one way or another on whether to divide up the 
modules, but I would have liked a bit more of an answer.


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