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From <>
Subject RE: Module cocoon-forms-sample depends on JDBI that is not on Maven repo
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2007 08:03:57 GMT
I am looking for a Cocoon expert ( developer / Architect ) to work on a
project my client has in London . This project is expected to last at
least 3 months+ but  may carry on a lot longer

> * Java (!)
> * At least 1 years experience of Apache Cocoon 2.1.x in large scale 
> application, including writing custom Generators and Transformers, 
> Cocoon Flow and CForms.
> * Competent XPath and XSLT 1.0 skills.
> * Provision and Consumption of XML Services, via SOAP and/or REST.
> Ideal:
> * Experience of writing applications with some core functionality 
> provided by AJAX, especially via Progressive Enhancement.
> * Some exposure to design for Usability and Accessibility.
> * Experience of deploying and maintaining Cocoon or other large 
> Servlet based application in live environment on Apache Tomcat, Jetty
or JBoss.

Any interest please call me 

Marcus Clemens
Senior Consultant
Mercator IT Solutions
Ph:     01892 78 5580
Fx.     01892 783119

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From: Sylvain Wallez [] 
Sent: 09 July 2007 17:26
Subject: Re: Module cocoon-forms-sample depends on JDBI that is not on
Maven repo

Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:
> Sylvain Wallez pisze:
>> Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:
>> Is it impossible with Maven to use a local library?
> I must admit I have not thought about this option, I guess I'm too
> accustomed to the fact that everything is on Maven's repository.
> There is a bit of information here:
> and here:
> However, such a solution helps only if one checkouts sample from svn
> and does mvn install. We can't release a pom that depend on something
> that we install manually to local repository. It's quite easy and
> quick solution but only temporary, IMHO.
> Sylvain, I know that you use Ivy, how it works there?

Well, you can do pretty much what you want with Ivy, since it is
basically used to build an Ant classpath from an ivy.xml file that
describes the project's dependencies. The dependencies are resolved
using a chain of repositories.

In this particular case, we could have a chain consisting in a local
repository (checked in in SVN), Cocoon's own repository and then the
main Maven repository.

And since this is really about building a classpath (the library path in
this case), we don't actually _need_ a local repository, and can build a
classpath that is the concatenation of artifacts pulled from a
repository and jar files in a "local-lib" directory.


Sylvain Wallez -

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