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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: How to update docs for 2.1?
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2007 23:36:00 GMT
hepabolu wrote:
> Grzegorz Kossakowski said the following on 4/7/07 10:12:
> >
> >Thanks David and Joerg. I'm really confused, wiki page is talking most 
> >of the time about checking out /site from svn and updating docs there. 
> Right. This is ancient. Please remove that text from the wiki page.

No it is not. That is how the cocoon website is still managed.
The ASF Infrastructure asks that all websites be stored in SVN.

For ours,
svn info /www/
which shows that it is our cocoon/site SVN, as described
by that wiki page.

> >However, there is a statement:
> >
> >"Since 2.1.8, the documentation (apart from the top-level website pages 
> >described above) is written using Daisy at [WWW] 
> >, and Daisy-generated pages are processed 
> >by Forrest (using forrest trunk) to generate the static pages (still in 
> >experimental phase)."
> >
> >Does this means we really use Daisy and docs from legacydocs to generate 
> >2.1 documentation or not? What should I edit?

Yes, that is correct. Edit the source for 2.1 docs via Daisy.
Behind-the-scenes on forrest.zones.a.o, Forrest (calling the
forrestbot from cron) is generating the final docs by extracting
the content from Daisy and applying the website theme.
However a human committer needs to commit the changes from

I think that the wiki page describes all this. If you
can point to any confusing areas, then i will try to fix it.

I tweaked the paragraphs below the one that you refer to,
to emphasise that committers should let forrestbot do
the work and use the "quick fix" method of committing
the final docs to cocoon/site/site/2.1/ SVN.


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