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From Olivier Billard <>
Subject Re: trunk broken?
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 06:24:47 GMT
Hello there,

This is my humble case :), but we are planning to use Cocoon 2.2, and cannot decide (customer
does) on Java version, that is strongly likely to be 
Java 1.4... Because our Cocoon application will be embedded into a bigger existing software
architecture based/tested/deployed on Java 1.4.

They are some cases where you cannot do it in another way, unfortunately, Antonio :)... I
personally think (in a Cocoon user POV) that this should be 
planned, announced far before doing this, so users like me can plan for it and decide knowing
the consequences.

Olivier Billard

Andrew Stevens wrote:
>> From:
>> Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 17:16:27 +0100
>> Hi,
>> (thanks for the reminder, Daniel - yes, I'd forgotten about the vote)
>> On 8 Jun 2007, at 00:57, Andrew Stevens wrote:
>>> Well, for what it's worth (which isn't much) I for one am glad  
>>> Cocoon 2.2 still supports JDK 1.4.  It's finally looking like our  
>>> US datacentre is getting their act together so my team can plan to  
>>> migrate our sites off Websphere 5.0 (JDK 1.3, and end-of-life'd  
>>> about 9 months ago!) onto a more recent version.  However, the new  
>>> version that they are willing to support is 6.0, which uses... JDK 1.4
>> Useful feedback indeed Andrew, it's always helpful for us to know  
>> what the issues are out there in the real world. Are you using c2.1  
>> or c2.2 at the moment?
> Currently 2.1, and a couple of versions behind at that.  We'll probably be moving to
a more recent version in the near future, but whether that's the latest 2.1.x or 2.2 will
depend on how stable 2.2 is by that point, and how much effort it is to update our application
and existing customised components (including the fins charting components, which I modified
a while back to work in Cocoon 2.1.7 & JDK 1.3).  
> Andrew.

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