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From "rajesh Kodical" <>
Subject Suspected problem faced due to PDF Serializer in cocoon.
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2007 15:45:39 GMT
I am using cocoon to generate PDF file in my project. The input file to the
cocoon is an predefined XML file.I have a Java program which establishes an
HTTP connection with the Application server hosting the cocoon.The output
PDF file generated by the cocoon is saved by the program.
The problem what I am facing is a font related problem. When i open the file
using acrobat reader some files does not open flagging an error stating "Bad
Font Object or Bad Font descriptor" causing the file to be corrupt. I
checked the log files but could not find any errors.

I noticed that in the font descriptor of the corrupt file one of the lines
read as "/CIDSystemInfo << /Registry (/CIDSystemInfo << /Registry
(AdobeAdobe)/Ordering ()/Ordering (UCSUCS)/Supplement )/Supplement 00 >> >>"
but in the good files the same line read as "/CIDSystemInfo << /Registry
(Adobe)/Ordering (UCS)/Supplement 0 >>".  when I simply changed the line in
the corrupted PDF file to look like the first version, it fixed the
problem!  All of a sudden the file was OK and showed up correctly but the
Image that was there in the file vanished this time.

I am suspecting that this is the problem with the PDF serializer of the
cocoon. Can someone please advise me on this problem.

Cocoon-   2.0.9

Server- Websphere Application Server 6.1

Operating System- AIX -5.3

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