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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: [Solved] JavaFlow and SuggestionLists
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2007 09:09:56 GMT
Hi Torsten,

I am currently using an out-of-the-box Cocoon 2.1.10.
Generally there currently seems to be no way to use any of the 
IFrame-Based Cforms/Dojo widgets, because they simply can't find the 

I know that this is pretty hack'ish ... but It was the only way for me 
to get everything runing without doing really big refactoring.


Torsten Curdt schrieb:
> Hm... sounds a bit hack'ish (and even worse) more work that it should be.
> What version of cocoon/javaflow are you talking about?
> cheers
> -- 
> Torsten
> On 11.05.2007, at 10:10, Christofer Dutz wrote:
>> Hi,
>> For th last two weeks I was dealing with the problem, that 
>> SuggestionLists didn't work with JavaFlow anymore. In addition to 
>> this, also my Pipelines for saving form-data stopped workling.
>> I could track both of them down to the problem, that the 
>> JavaInterpreter class constructs a ContinuationContext obejct and 
>> coppies the data of the WebContinuation Context. When assigning a 
>> FormInstance to the Continuation everything works fine as long as the 
>> form is shown by sendPageAndWait (ok ok ... too, but that 
>> just uses sendPageAndWait). Since there is no link between 
>> WebContinuation and ContinuationContext, when loosing the reference 
>> to the temporary ContinuationContext it is gone for ever.
>> I solved my problem by adapting the ContinuationContext and the 
>> JavaInterpreter class so they provide a 
>> ContinuationContext.getParentWebContinuation() method. If I use this 
>> to manually set the FormInstance to this, my form is available for my 
>> modified SuggestionListGenerator.
>> I would gladly provide a patch, if this solution is nice-enough to be 
>> accepted. Without it I can see no way of beeing able to use any AJAX 
>> widget using IFrames (SuggestionList, Upload, ...)
>> Chris

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