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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: Discussion about Maven
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2007 18:11:18 GMT
Ralph Goers pisze:
> I have always been unhappy that Cocoon releases contained non-released 
> jars for a few reasons:
>   1. Often the jars were labeled something like xyz-20070525-dev.jar.
>      It is impossible to download the source for this and know for sure
>      that it matches what the jar was built from and whoever actually
>      built the jar didn't put the source where someone could find it.
>      BTW - this is much easier with subversion repositories as the
>      builds can be tagged with the revision number.
>   2. Who is going to support this?  Try asking a question about a
>      problem. You should expect that when they ask for the version and
>      you tell them you will either get nothing but silence or
>      laughter.  We make no guarantees about our repository and neither
>      does anyone else.
> Unfortunately, some of the projects Cocoon has components built around 
> only perform releases infrequently. Often we have encountered bugs that 
> really need to be fixed. And finally, Cocoon uses so many other jars 
> that a release would never be accomplished if we required formal 
> versions of them all.
> However, with 2.2 I hope we can make sure that all the core Cocoon 
> components only leverage jars from projects that are pretty stable and 
> well maintained. I would suggest that if we are finding that some 
> projects are not responsive then it might be time to look for 
> alternatives to them or perhaps even drop the Cocoon block in question.  
> Of course, I haven't actually looked to see which blocks would be 
> impacted so even that may be impractical.


Grzegorz Kossakowski

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