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From Jason Johnston <>
Subject Re: activate FOP
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 15:26:03 GMT wrote:
> Hi all,
> I m trying to use FOP 0.93 with maven 1 but that's not working (launch 
> error 500 at request). So someone gave me this jira :

> It seems that this "patch" is only for maven 2; the maven repository 
> files structure is not the same and some files are missing between the 
> description of the patch and the maven1 repos.

That is correct; Cocoon uses Maven2 so that is what the patch targets.

> For example, one of my errors launch : java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: 
> org/apache/xmlgraphics/ps/PSGenerator
> There is no xmlgraphics folder in the maven1 repos contrary to the 
> maven2 repos.

There's currently no org/xmlgraphics directory in the central Maven2 
repository either, because the fop-0.93 and xmlgraphics-commons 
artifacts have not yet been deployed there.  I'm currently working with 
the FOP folks to get those artifacts deployed; I hope to have that 
completed this week, so that we can enable the fop-ng block for Cocoon 2.2.

 > By chance, have you any informations about FOP 0.93 applied on Maven
 > 1 ?

AFAIK there are no current plans to deploy FOP 0.93 to a Maven1 
repository.  The FOP developers do not use Maven themselves so they have 
not been very eager to devote time to supporting Maven2 deployment, much 
less Maven1.


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