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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: Custom Cocoon 2.2 projects: Alternatives to Maven 2
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 10:09:29 GMT
Leszek Gawron wrote:
> Hello,
> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>> I've started with a prototyp of a non-Maven Cocoon 2.2 archetype. It 
>> should be useful to people that want to avoid Maven 2 as build system 
>> for their Cocoon based projects. The mail below, that I sent to the 
>> users list, explains in more detail how this prototyp is supposed to 
>> work.
>> Feedback would be much appreciated.
> My first question is: why would people want to avoid maven as a build 
> system if they get from us everything on the plate?: standard structure, 
> archetypes. You do not have to know maven at all and be able to run 
> cocoon app in under 10 minutes.

I agree with you but there are people with different opinions that I can 
understand to some point.

> Once cocoon libs (especially plugins and archetypes) are uploaded on 
> public maven repo where is no easier way to start.

right, but see above

> Custom build will always get outdated some time which will bring confusion.

Agreed, maintaining a non-Maven based build is more difficult but the difference 
is that this build system was invented and developed by the developer himself 
and updating libraries can be done in the same way as usual. He doesn't have to 
learn something new. He also knows how to do all the other things like 
releasing, adding e.g. source generation tools, etc.

Additionally there are tools like Ivy or the Maven Ant tasks which can make your 
life a lot easier.

I don't want to say that we should focus on this non-Maven Cocoon 2.2 archetyp - 
at least I won't and probably won't do much more than the prototyp already does 
- but providing alternatives to our ours is a good thing IMO.

Reinhard Pötz           Independent Consultant, Trainer & (IT)-Coach 

{Software Engineering, Open Source, Web Applications, Apache Cocoon}


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