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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: Customization of cform styling (dojo)
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 13:20:36 GMT

>>> Description above gives you idea how it _should_ be done in new setup
>>> thanks to conecpts like block/servlet polymorphism and extension. The
>>> trick is that it will not work currently due to issue COCOON-2038[3].
>> ;-)
> Felix, what does this smile mean? :-)
> Are you willing to work on this? If so, tell me to not double the effort.

Sorry, no I'm not working on the problem. What I wanted to say is "This
is the way how it should work, but it doesn't at the moment. This really
helps me.".

I got it working but may be I did something wrong (because of
COCOON-2038 I suppose I did it in a wrong way - but it does the job).

What I did:

custom-custom block, sitemap:

<map:transform src="servlet:bfabric-core:/stylesheets/internal/forms.xsl">
    <map:parameter name="dojo-debug" value="true" />
     <!-- make customization possible in custom-core -->
     <map:parameter name="dojo-resources"
value="{servlet:custom-core:/resource/external/dojo}" />
     <map:parameter name="forms-resources"
value="{servlet:custom-core:/resource/external/forms}" />

custom-core block, sitemap:

<map:pipeline id="cocoon-customization-pipeline">
    <!-- Customization -->
       <map:read src="resources/images/my_dateIcon.gif" />
     <!-- No customization, read original stuff  -->
     <map:match pattern="resource/external/forms/**">
         <map:read src="servlet:forms:/resource/external/forms/{1}" />
     <map:match pattern="resource/external/dojo/**">
         <map:read src="servlet:ajax:/resource/external/dojo/{1}" />


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