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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: CForms binding with namespaces error - advice wanted
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 15:32:08 GMT
Helma wrote:
> That's what I'm slowly starting to realise. For proper XML validation I 
> do need it so I assumed the parser requires this too.
> That would partially explain why the binding file (without a 
> namespaceURI for 'oe') still maps to the source (in the source=file 
> situation). It would also explain the observations in
> i.e. if the prefix is the same with a matching or a different 
> namespaceURI it binds, but if the prefix is different but the 
> namespaceURI is identical it fails.
> So how should this be solved then?
I think there are two areas:

The first one is the parsing of the binding. We have to ensure that the 
namespace prefixes are correctly send to the cforms component parsing 
the binding. So we should see that there is no namespace prefix 
inbetween. Actually, I fear, we can't ensure this in general. So perhaps 
in these cases a workaround is required and you have to add a dummy 
attribute somewhere in the binding, like <fb:... oe:something="dummy">.
This is not great, but hopefully solves this problem.

Now, the second area is more complicated. When cforms parses a binding 
it should parse the paths and test them for namespaces and if these 
namespaces are properly defined - if not, throw exception.
When the binding is applied, the namespaces have to be checked, if the 
uri's are the same. This should then work even if different prefixes are 
used. I looked into namespaces and jxpath a long time ago and I think to 
remember that there were problems; so this could get ugly :(

I think this is something for our cforms and jxpath experts!


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