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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: CForms binding with namespaces error - advice wanted
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 13:57:34 GMT
hepabolu schrieb:
>>> So you can't rely that you get the namespace attributes in the dom 
>>> builder.
> I think this is where things go wrong.
> Note that both binding file and source are generated with a pipeline and 
> pipelineUtil.toDOM.
> I've done some debugging into pipelineUtil.toDOM and this is what I found:
> - binding file has all the namespaces in pipeline. This is confirmed 
> because I can save the output of the pipeline and see the namespaces in 
> the root element:
> <fb:context xmlns:fb="" 
> xmlns:xsi="" 
> xmlns:fd="" 
> xmlns:oe="openEHR/v1/Version" path="/oe:version">
> - After returning from SourceUtil.toDOM (which uses the default 
> DOMBuilder()), the only namespace left is 
> fb="".
> Attributes of this node only holds 'path=/oe:version'.
> - This is true for the source=pipeline situation as well: only the 
> oe="openEHR/v1/Version" is left.
> - The source=file situation has all namespaces in the attributes.
> I can understand that in the situation of source=pipeline there cannot 
> be any matching because the oe namespace is not known in the binding 
> file. However, this is also true for the situation of source=file and 
> there matching happens on various fb:context until it fails on a 
> difference in datatype.
> What I also don't understand is the fact that putting the 
> source=pipeline through the savedocument function as I did this morning, 
> gives me all the namespaces back.
> I'm not sure if this helps in the discussion and I have no clue on how 
> to solve this.
> Anyone?
I must say that this is all a little bit strange to me as well. Now, are 
you using the prefix oe somewhere in the xml? The prefix fb is definitly 
used, so it might be that there is some optimization filtering unused 
prefixes? Just a wild guess.


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