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From Dev at weitling <>
Subject Presumed bug in Dojo/Cocoon integration
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 11:25:15 GMT

(this is a repost of a mail to the users mailing list)

messing around with some presumed bugs in my application for the last
week I finally think the bug is in the Dojo/Ajax/(X)HTML integration in
Cocoon 2.1.10.
The problem: If I use Ajax in my Form and serialize it as html then on
action (pressing the "Add answer"- or trash-button) the table layout
becomes very ugly. If I serialize to xhtml it looks perfect but every
action performs a full page reload because Ajax doesn't work.

I would be glad if anyone could have a look on my app (you'll find it
along with the screenshots at
and confirm this behaviour. Correcting the bug
in Dojo/Cocoon/whatever would be even greater :-)


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