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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: CForms binding with namespaces error - advice wanted
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 19:43:54 GMT
hepabolu wrote:
> Joerg Heinicke said the following on 23/5/07 20:03:
>> On 23.05.2007 13:07, hepabolu wrote:
>>>> + I would comment  (or even close-wontfix?) that bug with a 
>>>> reference to the above conclusion from carsten.  Just in case 
>>>> somebody would want to apply the patch without giving it more 
>>>> thought...
>>> I just added a comment.
>> Using the param is an appropriate solution and the patch is no longer 
>> valid. Since the issue (COCOON-1686) was especially created as patch 
>> to COCOON-1671 I closed it, but added a comment and link from 
>> COCOON-1671 to it.
> Thanks. Sadly enough it still doesn't solve my problem.
> I hope some of you can shed some light on this:
> In flowscript I create the various cform files through pipelines (see [1]).
> When I read the source from a file by using the line marked with 
> [****X****] instead of the one below, the binding starts to work (I get 
> an error on expected BigDecimal vs received String, but that's a 
> different problem). This source file is created by displaying the output 
> of the pipeline of the line below in a browser and saving the source of 
> that output in a file.
If I see this correctly, the difference between the two solutions is 
that in the not working case, the DOMBuilder is used to build the DOM 
whereas in the working case, the serializer is used and the result is 
then parsed again.
Perhaps you could solve the problem by tweaking the DOMBuilder and 
setting some properties on the used transformer factory/handler?


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