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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: DispatcherServlet
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 12:56:40 GMT
Giacomo Pati pisze:
>>> A Spring bean with directory info seem like a good idea. For
>>> increasing the usability I would suggest to implement a new source as
>>> well "servlets:" e.g. This source should be a listable source so that
>>> you can use it with e.g. the directory generator. The source would of
>>> course only be listable at the root level the listed sources would of
>>> course be ordinary servlet: sources.
>> So would it be possible to access resources via servlets: source (by
>> using internally a servlet: source) or not?
> I don't get you here.

I was asking if "servlets:" source will be only used to list servlets or it will be fully
functional source. It's more question to Daniel to 
clarify his original description of "servlets:" source :-)

>> After having a list of servlets we would have to find out which one
>> contain samples. I guess that it's good idea to ask every servlet for
>> certain resource (e.g. samples.xsamples file). But how we do this not
>> being connected to all these servlets?
> No, no. That's not the point. The cocoon-webapp already has a way to find those .xsample
files. I
> didn't wanted to construct such an additional thing

How it collects these files? By listing directories, right? If so I don't think it's good
solution because this functionality depends on 
where blocks are unpacked which is IMHO bad practise. Basically, one of the purposes to use
"servlet:" source is to avoid dependency on 
exact directory structure that is only block's internal concern.

I also wonder why we can't have cocoon-webapp's servlet registered in DispatcherServlet?

Grzegorz Kossakowski

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