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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: DispatcherServlet
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 11:29:37 GMT
Giacomo Pati skrev:
Reinhard answered the first part.
> Next comes, while Felix is converting the samples to use servlet-services, that outside
a request to
> the DisplatcherServlet (outside a block context) there is no such information available
to where a
> block is mounted to.
I agree that such information need to be available.
> After having a look into the DispatcherServlet I would propose to refactor the logic
in the
> createMountableServletsMap method into a Spring bean so that for example the cocoon-webapp
> access it and produce a listing page of all samples it has found in the work/blocks directory
> with the correct links to them.
A Spring bean with directory info seem like a good idea. For increasing 
the usability I would suggest to implement a new source as well 
"servlets:" e.g. This source should be a listable source so that you can 
use it with e.g. the directory generator. The source would of course 
only be listable at the root level the listed sources would of course be 
ordinary servlet: sources.

So in

we could use:

<map:generate type="xpathtraversable" src="servlets:/">

instead of the current construction. I started to work on something like 
that half a year ago but never finished it.


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