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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: Forms migration problems
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 18:03:14 GMT
Grzegorz Kossakowski schrieb:
> Felix Knecht napisaƂ(a):
> I fear that's again my fault with messed up paths in guide (corrected now).
> Can you show your pipeline that renders forms? I guess problem is there.

They look like this:

            <map:match pattern="form/**.jx">
                <map:generate type="jx" src="{1}.xml">
                    <map:parameter name="locale" value="{flow-attribute:locale}" />
                <map:transform type="browser-update" />
                <map:call resource="aggregate-html" />
                <map:transform src="stylesheets/forms.xsl">
                    <map:parameter name="dojo-debug" value="true" />
                    <map:parameter name="dojo-resources" value="servlet:ajax:/resources/dojo"/>
                    <map:parameter name="forms-resources" value="servlet:forms:/resources/forms"/>

                <!-- here is the transformation step you will need to add -->
                <map:transform type="servletLinkRewriter" />
                <map:select type="ajax-request">
                    <map:when test="true"><!-- sending a partial Browser Update -->
                        <map:select type="request-parameter">
                            <map:parameter name="parameter-name" value="dojo.transport"
                            <map:when test="iframe"><!-- sending BU via iFrameIO
src="resource://org/apache/cocoon/forms/resources/IframeTransport-bu-styling.xsl" />
                                <map:serialize type="xhtml" /><!-- this is REALLY
important -->
                            <map:otherwise><!-- sending BU via XHR -->
                                <map:serialize type="xml-utf8" />
                    <map:otherwise><!-- sending a complete page -->
                        <map:serialize type="html4" />

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