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From Jorg Heymans <>
Subject Re: Exclusions does not work with dependency managment?
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2007 21:25:18 GMT
Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:

> I'm struggling now with transitive dependencies and exclusions in Cocoon.
> The problem is that (for example) cocoon-sitemap-impl has dependency on
> commons-jxpath which depends on commons-logging. The last one, depends
> on avalon-framework:avalon-framework which should be excluded.


> However, they seems to be not applied while building cocoon-sitemap-impl
> so the only option is to add (even more) clutter sitemap's pom. This
> does not help that much, because it turns out that store suffers from
> the same problem. The sequence seems to be really long.

Neither dependency:resolve nor dependency:analyze list 
avalon-framework:avalon-framework as an included dependency (I executed 
the plugin from the block directory). Are you sure it comes from that 
block ?

I've had some good luck using the dependency plugin [1] to hunt down 
stray dependencies. It doesn't show you the complete dependency graph 
but is nevertheless quite helpful in debugging module dependencies.
(The fact that maven even needs a tool like this shows you what a 
complex beast the transitive dependency feature has become, but that's a 
different story alltogether)

> PS. I'm little brusque because it's not the first time I waste time
> because of Maven. However, don't be alarmed; I'm not going to propose a
> switch to another silver bullet ;-)

no problem !



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