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From Alexander Klimetschek <>
Subject Re: Failing to build trunk because 'package org.apache.avalon.framework.container does not exist'
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 08:18:26 GMT
It's related to the new <dependencyManagement/> section in the root pom. 
This is supposed to work properly only with Maven 2.0.6+. Older versions of 
Maven seem to get the dependency versions wrong (at least different) and 
thus a wrong version of a jar is used for cocoon-forms which leads to the 
compile error.

I had the same problem but with modified version stamps of cocoon (replaced 
the -SNAPSHOT suffix everywhere to make a company-internal release) and in 
that situation it did not work even with Maven 2.0.6. So I put all cocoon 
dependencies in the root pom's dependencyManagement section in comments and 
yes - it works again.


Alexander Klimetschek

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