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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Ajax and Forms refactoring is over, test please
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 20:45:56 GMT


I consider Ajax and Forms refactoring as finished. Before merging code back to the trunk I
would like to ask you for some testing. Minimal
testing would be just trying out existing samples if they work for you. More appreciated would
be feedback on migration of your existing
applications using Forms or Ajax.
I've done what I could to ease the migration process but I can imagine that dealing with new
approach (servlet services) can be little
troublesome on the begging; that's why I suggest to start with something really simple.

Testing samples

Here are instructions how to test new samples:
1. go to blocks/cocoon-ajax and make a svn switch:
svn switch

2. go to cocoon-ajax-impl and rebuild Ajax's implementation:
mvn clean install

3. do the same in cocoon-ajax-sample

4. go to block/cocoon-forms and make a svn switch:
svn switch

5. rebuild impl and sample modules the same way as above

6. go to core/cocoon-webapp and run:
mvn clean package jetty:run

7. your Cocoon instance with rebuilded blocks should be running, test AJAX sample:
Check if all resources (especially Javascripts) load successfully. File main.css is known
to be not loading properly but it's out of scope
of this refactoring and will be fixed later. Click on links and see if page is modified as
expected ;-)

8. Test Forms samples:
Test them carefully, please. This samples are known to be not working:
 * CAPTCHA validation - I guess that providing batik (as it's needed) should make it working
 * ImageMap - I have not managed to figure out what it's the issue with this one, any help
 * Easy SQL database access - lacking dependencies
 * Upload Progress - some issue on the client side with Javascripts, help needed

Rest should work.

Migrating your application

Now if you are brave (and kind) enough to try migrate your existing application you should
read this guides:

Correction of language mistakes in this documents are really welcomed.


Now I'm going to provide list of changes that have been made during refactoring:
  * resources from both blocks are served directly by their's servlets. No need for root sitemap
  * both Ajax and Forms follow block conventions regarding resources' URLs
  These two changes required lots of url manipulation, especially first one required serious
refactorings. Everything is documented in
migration guide
  * internal resources (Form.js, JX macros etc.) are now served by block's servlet and can
be accessed with servlet: scheme.
  * added missing configuration for javascript selection list implementation (fixes Cocoon
suggets sample and related)
  * fixed multivalue field with suggestions sample
  * fixed both File and Sample tree samples. They were using context: scheme which should
be not used in Cocoon 2.2.


There is one more remaining issue apart from fixing broken samples mentioned above:
  * removing all <map:mount> constructs and providing servlets for this subsitemaps
as we should encourage people to not use mounting
sitemap functionality

That's all for now. Thanks for getting so far.

PS: I made a promise to bring implementation of postable sources this week but I completely
had forgotten about upcoming exam on Monday.
I'll continue work on it next week. However, be warned that I want to see these refactorings
merged to trunk first so I kindly ask you to
make a little testing ;-)

Grzegorz Kossakowski

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