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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: building trunk.
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 07:30:47 GMT
Ralph Goers wrote:
> Given the number of projects in Cocoon I'm sure it is.
> Just for grins run mvn -P allblocks dependency:analyze.  It will take a 
> while but has tons of useful output.
> As an example, I've shown part of it below. You can see that 
> commons-logging 1.1 is used as a transitive dependency for XML while 
> commons-logging 1.0.4 is used as a transitive dependency for the 
> Pipeline components.  While it may not happen for commons-logging, in 
> other cases when packaged up into a single webapp a runtime exception 
> might likely occur.  If commons-logging was placed in the 
> dependencyManagement of the root pom than only that version would get 
> used and presumably, if there is a problem, it would get detected during 
> the build.
> Also notice that the Pipeline components below declares that it needs 
> cocoon-configuration-api but doesn't actually use it.
> I'm sure that some really smart person could figure out how to write a 
> perl script and take the output below or the output from mvn 
> dependency:resolve and get it to generate all the dependencies.

If we use the dependency management section in our root pom, what will happen 
when we release one of our modules? Is the version information used and added to 
the <dependency> or is the fallback to the parent's pom depdencyManagement 
section still considered?

I'm asking because I don't understand who the customers of creating a 
<dependencyMangement> section in Cocoon are? Is it the Cocoon project alone or 
also all projects that use Cocoon?

In the first case I doubt that there is much value in doing all this work as 
long as the build runs through, isn't it?
Or is the idea  that the user looks into our released parent pom and copies our 
<dependencyMangement> section into his own project or even inherits from our 
root pom?

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