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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: Servlet Services + Shielding
Date Sun, 08 Apr 2007 12:58:58 GMT
Alexander Klimetschek skrev:
> Hi Servlet Hackers,
> I am switching from our old block servlet config to the current servlet 
> services in trunk and have problems with the configuration. I have two 
> problems:
> 1)
Seem to be handled later in the thread.

> 2)
> How to configure the ShieldingServletService (my little baby...)? Since 
> you no longer explicitly define the wrapper class for the servlet, I 
> don't see a way to use the ShieldingServletService instead of the 
> standard one.
You are supposed to be able to use the ShieldingServletService,,
with a ordinary Spring configuration, similar to the one you used before.

But of course it would be a better idea to integrate it tighter with the 
  rest of the servlet services and maybe use an extension of the custom 
XML-scheme for the configuration.

As I don't know the details about the shielding stuff I thought it was a 
better idea to wait with the work until you moved to the servlet services.

I also had some idea that the shielding stuff seem to be rather 
orthogonal to the servlet service stuff. So maybe it would be better to 
reimplement it as an interceptor that is applied before the servlet 
service proxy.

> I think those questions and the answers should be documented. As long as 
> the docs are not finished (and public and searchable...), I'd like to 
> put all important information in the Wiki: 

You could probably get write access to the Daisy documentation if you 
ask for it. But the important thing is that we have the documentation 


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