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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: Changes in cocoon-store-impl
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2007 20:24:20 GMT
Reinhard Poetz napisaƂ(a):
> As discusses with Ard and Peter 
> (, I patched 
> EHDefaultStore and MRUMemoryStore:
> <action dev="reinhard" type="fix">
> MRUMemoryStore registers at StoreJanitor only in that case, if 
> StoreJanitor
> is set as dependency. Assuming that in many cases the MRUMemoryStore is
> used for often requested resources like compiled XSLTTemplates or i18n 
> resource bundles,
> it doesn't make sense to remove them as most probably they will be added
> within one of the next requests hiting Cocoon. Find more information
> at;r=1&amp;w=2.
> </action>
> <action dev="reinhard" type="add">
> Expose all configuration properties that EHCache provides via setter 
> methods.
> Using them, EHDefaultStore can be completly configured in the Spring bean
> definition. This allows setting maxElementsInMemory, 
> memoryStoreEvictionPolicy,
> overflowToDisk, diskStorePath, eternal, timeToLiveSeconds, 
> timeToIdleSeconds,
> diskPersistent, diskExpiryThreadIntervalSeconds, 
> registeredEventListeners,
> bootstrapCacheLoader, maxElementsOnDisk. See the 1.2.4 constructor at
> for
> details.
> </action>
> <action dev="reinhard" type="fix">
> EHDefaultStore doesn't register at StoreJanitor anymore. The usage of
> StoreJanitor to remove elements from EHDefaultStore was 
> contra-productive,
> because EHCache provides its own invalidation mechanisms which are more
> sophisticated than the removal of random items. Find more information
> at;r=1&amp;w=2.
> </action>
> <action dev="reinhard" type="update">
> Make the maximum number of disk objects configureable. The default value
> is 50000.
> </action>

Thanks Reinhard for doing this. I have only basic understanding of 
Cocoon's caching so cannot comment. My dream would be to have:
a) sensible defaults that cover most usage patterns of Cocoon for small 
and medium sites that cause making mistakes a lot more difficult
b) documentation explaining how this works and some tips on configuration

Yes Ard, Vadim, Reinhard and others, I look at you, can you help with 
these points as you seem quite experienced with Cocoon's caching? :)

Grzegorz Kossakowski

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