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From "Bertrand Delacretaz" <>
Subject Re: Inactive Cocoon committers and PMC members
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 08:51:17 GMT
On 3/14/07, Reinhard Poetz <> wrote:

> ..."Do people think it's useful to have an up-to-date list of committers/PMC
> members that contains information about who is active?..

It would be useful but IMHO it's impossible to keep such a list up to
date, or it's too much work.

Am I active? I haven't committed code for many months, I'll most
probably not work on 2.2 yet I'm helping here and there on the lists,
and fixing the occasional bug. Go figure, 10% active maybe?

What might be useful and easy to maintain would be a list where
committers can voluntarily indicate what parts of Cocoon they're
actively working on or interested in at the moment. A wiki page would
be good enough for this, in addition to the "list of past and present
committers" mentioned below.

> ...  - the probably best source of information to find out whether a project and its
>     committers are (in)active is looking at the mailing lists and the
>     changes docs...

Big +1

>   - mainting a committers list containing the current activity state causes
>     some bureaucracy for us. The less work we have the better.

+1 again

I like the "list of past and present committers" at

but I would dump

which is not up to date and probably inconsistent with the other one in places.

> ...So what do you think? (I will interpret "no answers" as "nobody cares" which is
> also an important information for us)..

I'm sure many of us care, thanks for getting the ball rolling.


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