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From "Igor Naumov" <>
Subject web3 block - lifecycle issues and class design
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2007 20:03:47 GMT
I have been using the block web3 for some time and ran into a couple of 

Most of them are related to the lifecycle of the class - it seems that some 
things are preventing a clean instantiation/disposal of the block classes.

In particular, method Web3DataSourceSelectorImpl.dispose() destroys (through 
=null ) the manager and lock properties. For some reason when an application 
(Cocoon) is restarted (without restarting servlet/J2EE/JVM, e.g. through a 
URL ?cocoon-reload=true), the class (Web3DataSourceSelectorImpl) is not 
completely unloaded, so the private static properties are not 
That causes a null pointer exception next time the class is used.

So may be the code needs to be changed to init the static properties if they 
are null, or remove the lines that set them to null in the dispose() method.

As a workaround, can anybody suggest a way to "unload" the class? (e.g. when 
restarting Cocoon, or even without it)

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