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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: web3 block - lifecycle issues and class design
Date Sat, 31 Mar 2007 11:48:11 GMT
Hi Igor,

On 31.03.2007 03:43, Igor Naumov wrote:

> Oh, good, somebody is not only working on it but also checking the mail 
> list :-)

actually I'm not working on or with it. Just checked the Cocoon 
lifecycle aspects.

> Now since I found somebody to complain to :-), here are a couple of 
> other things.
> Method Web3ClientImpl.initClient sets a different repository for 
> essentially every RFC call (or am I missing something?)

The whole processing is indeed done on every call. I don't know about 
the consequences changing this or whether any of those objects are 
reusable or thread safe. Actually I don't know anything about the SAP stuff.

> Default streamer DefaultWeb3StreamerImpl seems to trim white space from 
> the string field values.

Yes, it does.

> I think I saw some reasoning behind it in the SVN comments, but I am 
> still not sure if this is entirely correct.

Not much reasoning in the commit message. It only says "handling null 
values". For non-null values trim() was applied with that commit.

> While it's an SAP habit to discard the trailing whitespace (at least 
> internally), the leading spaces are still preserved.
> So trim() is not completely adequate for the task.
> Any comments on that?

No idea. Maybe there are some specs?


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