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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: Moving reduced version of CachingSource to core | Configuration issues
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2007 16:26:02 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
>> Oops, should have read it in full...
>> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>>> I can think of setting the expires parameter to -1 and using a
>>> background-refresher but this seems to be overly complex for this 
>>> simple task.
>> Yes async will do the trick. And IMHO it should be Ok to alter sync 
>> implementation to keep previous response if new one can't be obtained.
> sounds easier than Ard's proposal (no offense ;-) ), or do I overlook 
> something?

Actually it already should be working this way? See CachingSource line 427.

>>> I would also like to move the basic functionality of the 
>>> CachingSource into some core module and only have an extended 
>>> versions (event-cache support, async updating) of it in the 
>>> reposistory block. I seems odd to me that I have to add a dependency 
>>> to the repository block, the event-cache block, the jms block and the 
>>> cron block
>> I do not think it has any dependencies on cron, where do you see it?
> either it comes through a transitive dependency or I did something wrong 
> with my setup. I will check where it comes from.

Let the source be with you, ;-)
There are no deps in the source code.

>>> just for this. Any comments before I start a vote on this?
>> Async is a basic functionality which must be in core, IMHO. But I 
>> completely agree that event-cache and jms should be optional. I was 
>> planning on doing this refactoring but did not manage to do it so far.
> It would be great if you could help me with the design of the 
> refactoring: If you did it, into which parts would you split it up?

IIRC, the only dependency on event-aware block was due to usage of EventValidity 
(and the questionable instanceof EventAware). So my plan was to refactor current 
implementation into two classes, one is base and second extending the base 
implementation and providing support for event aware caching by overriding 
getCacheValidities() and checkValidity() (grep for 'event').


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