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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: [graphics] Final version of new Cocoon masthead
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 16:32:14 GMT
Gavin Carothers said the following on 20/3/07 14:46:
> doesn't clear it up as it drops under the left hand nav, dope. The goal 
> of course is to drop the news section always under the floating boxes. 
> This shouldn't change the look on a wide display but makes it a fair bit 
> easier to read on a smaller one. I don't have too much time just at the 
> moment and since Thien has knows the design and markup far better then I 
> do; I imagine he can come up with a fix faster then I can. Though I will 
> take a look at this again at some point this week if it isn't fixed 
> before I have a chance.


just let me get this straight: you mean that the "News" section creeps 
up between the "download" block and the "about Cocoon" block when viewed 
at sizes 800x600 and above, where the "getting" blocks are not in one row?

I've noticed this before and worked with Thien on a solution but we 
finally settled on this one because you either get a large gap between 
the blocks and the News section or the blocks vary in size to fill up 
the width. Both are not as pretty as the final solution.

I agree that at 800 x ... this looks a bit awkward and I'll think about 
it some more to see if I can find a solution. On 1024 x ... with three 
green blocks in a row and the blue one dropping underneath I kind of 
like how the News section moves up in the gap.

Bye, Helma

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