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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Block conventions
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2007 15:03:44 GMT
Peter Hunsberger napisaƂ(a):
> On 3/14/07, Grzegorz Kossakowski <> wrote:
> Almost forgot:
>> I remember myself struggling badly on the beginning so I decided that my
>> main aim here (as Cocoon committer) will be making it easier to start
>> with Cocoon for newcomers. I was going to propose many small
>> improvements (at least I see them as improvements) but now I have some
>> doubts if I will have enough energy to struggle like with this one.
> Don't let me (or anyone else) scare you. I wade through a high volume
> of e-mail from a lot of lists and may sometimes have to have things
> explained to me more than once .
> A little reminiscing:
> One of my 1st posts to the Dev list was to respond in favor of a
> change that someone else was proposing and to explain a use case we
> had for the proposed change. It was immediately met by a barrage of
> reasons as to why it shouldn't be implemented by a particular long
> time member (to the point of me being told that he would no longer
> respond to my arguments because I clearly had no idea what I was
> proposing). Two years later or so, the same member ended up needing
> the same change and wrote and committed it himself. Such is life in
> open source development; there are a lot of very different back
> grounds and what is clear to one person often only becomes clear to
> another over a long period of time...
I'm aware of that; my statements you responded to were little emotional 
as I really was feeling resigned and powerless. I'm young and have to 
learn a lot so please be patient.

Grzegorz Kossakowski

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