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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Inactive Cocoon committers and PMC members
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 10:54:09 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:
> On 14.03.2007 09:27, Ross McDonald wrote:
>> I suppose a list of active committers will prevent people who are no 
>> longer active from receiving emails they don't want to receive from 
>> those looking for help.. so it may stop dead end investigations?
>> In that way an up-to-date list of committers would be useful...
>> Also perhaps some other information could be tied in.. such as who are 
>> the experts on which blocks or areas within Cocoon, so people who are 
>> newer to it could find out very quickly where to get help, given that 
>> the state of the docs is still somewhat patchy.  This would save a 
>> lengthy exploration of the mailing lists, and get names up in obvious 
>> public view (such as on our soon to be released new website :-) ).
> Independent from the counter argument already given the Cocoon changes 
> site [1] already gives this information in a more verbose way. Nobody 
> needs to maintain this list explicitely and nobody might get the feeling 
> that private mails are encouraged.
> Jörg
> [1]

That's not more verbose, it also provides a simple list of contributors 
to a specific version and contributors to prrevious versions (see the 
end of the document).

However, this only credits people who have an entry in status.xml, so 
does not credit people who have done other work, such as user support, 
dev discussion, issue tracking etc.

Of course, status.xml could be used to record important events outside 
of the code base too. For example, an important design discussion could 
be recorded in status.xml with a link to the mail archives for reference.

The onus is then on the people involved with the discussion to ensure 
that the details are recorded, otherwise they don't get credited with 

An alternative would be to extract activity details from mailing list 
archives, issue tracker logs etc. But that all sounds like extra work to me.


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