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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Task-focused development
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2007 21:46:16 GMT
On 10.03.2007 17:53, Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:

> I would like to ask if you have no objections to creating issues on JIRA
> for each task I'm going to work.

Once upon the time ... we tried to use Bugzilla for project management 
and release planning (but it was not really successful). So I think 
there are no objections to use Jira for task-focused development ...

> I already use Mylar[1] while working on
> Cocoon so create such issues in my local repository but I think it would
> be more valuable to have this information in JIRA. This would enable
> others to keep track on my work more easily.

... if you report us how it works out :-) Actually I'm really interested 
  in it (not only for Cocoon but in general). I recently read the 
two-part article at [1] and [2]. The interesting it sounds the much I 
fear the "loss" of information or hiding of important stuff (forgotten 
commits?). What are your experiences?

> It's rather common practice to stop discussing in JIRA issue and move to
> the mailing list. I would like to know if there exist some guidelines
> when to discuss in JIRA and when on mailing list?

There are no real guidelines and I don't think it is that important 
where to discuss it. Jira notification mails end on the mailing list 
anyway. One reason for switching to mailing list might just be the 
(missing) performance of Jira. Otherwise if a comment is related to an 
issue adding it to Jira is perfectly suited. If the need for a broader 
discussion arises using the mailing list might be better.

Looking forward to your experiences with Mylar and your actual work :-)



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