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From Thien <>
Subject Re: [graphics] Artwork for - final4
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 07:09:31 GMT
hepabolu wrote:
> The only issue left now (AFAICK) is Peter Hunsberger's mentioning of 
> the "pastel" colors of the blocks in the masthead.
> I've turned this around and asked Thien to explain why he thinks these 
> colors work best.
I didn't started with pastel color theme in mind, but since the logo, 
project name and search box will be on top of the masthead, it seemed 
natural to me that the background should be a little lighter in color 
for these items to stand out. But I agree a few alternatives will help, 
I have sent Helma two versions, please gives your comments once it has 
been uploaded.

Peter Hunsberger wrote:
> Better, but it still looks detached, could you try the color as the
> background of the Cocoon logo or something similar, the dark blue
> would contrast with the breadcrumb text and I think integrate better
> with the rest of the page?  It might not be any better, you can
> probably judge pretty quickly by yourself...
Yeah, the green bar looks a little detached from the page. This is 
intentional, because "Apache" actually linked to the Apache homepage, 
which has a totally different design, so I thought of using a slightly 
detached color to fore-warned the users. This bar was added to spice up 
the overall look of the masthead as well. While it may made the whole 
masthead looks a bit "dark", I don't see anything wrong with a more 
integrated color as well, I have sent an alternative to Helma as well.

I think we are almost at the end of hardest part of this process, the 
comments certainly help improved my original design, thank you guys and 
keep the comments coming.


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