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From hepabolu <>
Subject [graphics] Artwork for - final4
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 11:22:55 GMT

in the midst of his wedding preps Thien has provided a new version where 
the breadcrumb bar is a flat solid color now, rather than a glossy 
rounded bar. I've taken the liberty to change the shade to the same 
color as the "getting" boxes.

And I've removed the French flag (only saw the messages of Sylvain and 
Betrand after the upload of this version).

Here's the link:

The only issue left now (AFAICK) is Peter Hunsberger's mentioning of the 
"pastel" colors of the blocks in the masthead.

I've turned this around and asked Thien to explain why he thinks these 
colors work best.


Since there will not be any major changes in the design and our opinions 
I think we can conclude that the "masthead project" is finished. To be 
precise: the project is finished when
a) we agree with Thien's arguments for the current colors;
b) Thien changes the colors and we all can agree with that.

I would like to go on and get the entire site redesigned (which is 
pretty much where we're going anyway). This means:

- identify which elements need redesigning (e.g. tables, warnings, code 
blocks (<pre>) and such)
- get Thien and Niclas to agree on doing the additional work



On another level: there's the content. Let's pick the low hanging fruit 
here and make the 'PMC site' complete and up-to-date. This means:
- identify what information goes there
- remove duplicate information from the various versions
- verify all information and add/update if necessary


Bye, Helma

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