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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Reloading Classloader Plugin
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2007 18:28:22 GMT
>> Well, "broken" ;) the groupId is now using the maven2 scheme  
>> the commons is already included in there.
>> But I will bring that up on commons dev to see how we will handle  
>> this.
> I agree but now eveywhere else "commons-" prefix is used in  
> artifact ids so you have to change it everywhere or nowhere.

The reason for that is that we inherited the group id for the  
projects in proper. This should not be *required* for new project  
getting released. But I would really prefer to use the maven2 group  
scheme. Again - that's a topic for commmons-dev and not cocoon-dev. changing this that is probably the least work that is still to  
be done ;)

> Now build is just broken because jci-core cannot find parent pom...

Works just fine for me. Did you check out the whole sandbox? (Or  
checkout the parent pom and "mvn install" it)

>> All tests work for me.
>> What (sub)projects are failing?
>> What operating system are you using?
>> What filesystem?
>> Can you send me the outputs?
> I attach full Maven output so you can gather from it answers to  
> most of your questions:

Well, some of them ...could you please send me (off list) the test  
outputs from the "target" dir?

> G:\asf\commons-jci>mvn clean install

Windows - I somehow expected to see some problem there ;)

> -------------------------------------------------------
> T E S T S
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Running org.apache.commons.jci.CompilingClassLoaderTestCase
> Exception in thread "Thread-1" java.lang.RuntimeException: cannot  
> handle resource jci\

OK ...that needs to be "jci/". Easy to fix.

> Everything tested on WinXP SP2 with Java 1.6.0 installed and ran  
> with Maven 2.0.4.


> Is FilesystemAlterationMonitorTestCase supposed to take so long  
> (about 1 minute)?

Yes, that's expected. Unfortunately the resolution for last-modified  
information differs from filesystem to filesystem. So we have to use  
some sleeps to make it work across platforms. This is just a testing  
issue though.


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