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From Neeme Praks <>
Subject Re: OSGi blocks development?
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 12:10:22 GMT

Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
> Although there are many people involved in Cocoon we are just a few who 
> work on the core and basic infrastructure. And we where spreading 
> ourselves to thin in the project by both working on moving to Spring, 
> moving to Maven and using OSGi at the same time. So we decided to focus 
> on Spring, Maven and getting a release of 2.2 before continuing the work 
> on moving to OSGi.
> Also it was a quite large work to integrate Spring and OSGi. And when we 
> saw that a project doing that started within the Spring community with 
> some OSGi heavyweights involved, it seemed like a better idea to stop 
> our own development in that area and either join them or being lazy and 
> wait for them to deliver something ;)
> It would be much simpler to move Cocoon to OSGi today as we have 
> simplified the core considerably and there is much more support for 
> using OSGi in enterprise software projects now.

Fair enough, makes sense. :-)

> So what is your interest in it? Would you like to use a OSGi based 
> Cocoon or do you feel that it would be fun working on creating it :)

My main interest is in using it :-)
And I know too little of Cocoon 2.2 to help you in the process - I would 
dig deeper but unfortunately I don't have time for this right now. I 
need it for my day job and I need something that works now :-|

My requirements:
  * component based development with packaging (JAR up components) - 
here I mainly mean UI components or "web application features"
  * easy i18n and l10n
  * fairly easy skinnability, output customization for different clients 
(application logic stays the same but design and even links can change)
  * support for rich clients (HTML+AJAX) and "thin clients" (WML and 
XHTML Basic)
  * template and java logic separation

So far I've looked at:
  * Cocoon blocks with OSGi - looks promising, but will arrive too late 
for me
  * Old-style cocoon blocks? - haven't looked in there yet.
  * JSF (Shale, Seam, etc) - looks interesting, but seems to be too 
"heavy" and complex.
  * Wicket and Pax Wicket for OSGi support - I need to look deeper in 
this, looks most promising right now
  * RIFE - lots of interesting ideas, but they try to reinvent too many 
things, IMO. And I don't like their static service access style.
  * Spring MVC with Web Flow - my impression is that it is not easy to 
do COP with it.

Maybe you have a pointer to a good Cocoon 2.2 introduction (especially 
the blocks support and how does Spring help you with all this)?
Or just checkout from SVN and build the docs?

Last time I checked Cocoon sources was in 2.0.x series and then it was 
just too much to wrap my head around. As I understand, things have 
gotten a lot modular around here with blocks, but I'm still a bit wary 
to look into Cocoon SVN repo. :-P


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