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From Andrew Savory <>
Subject Re: Releasing from trunk
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2007 16:34:27 GMT

On 9 Feb 2007, at 15:04, Giacomo Pati wrote:

> I absolutely support Carsten here. Addmittedly we only have a few  
> core devs that use 2.2 for their daily work and business. But tell  
> me, Andrew, who else is using/testing 2.2 in real world  
> environments, you?

Hang on, that's my point - not enough others using it! I'd love to  
get a 2.2. site into a real world environment, but I'm still working  
on documenting the how and the why before I get to that. It's  
something that's _really_ missing so far.

> We more or less have still the same test cases as with 2.1.

Are those the test cases from 2.1 that we have to disable? :-(

I know, I know, if it's an itch for me I should scratch it!


Andrew Savory, Managing Director, Luminas Limited
Tel: +44 (0)870 741 6658  Fax: +44 (0)700 598 1135

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