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From Mike Dawson <>
Subject Jar/Zip Content Caching (and fix)
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 20:02:04 GMT
Hi All,

I have done some work using Open Office documents as a source with 
jar:http:// ... - I found a major issue was that after the document was 
updated the content was still not updated - in spite of the fact that 
when I checked Cocoon's caching debugging it in Eclipse everything 
appeared fine.  If you use jar:http: as a source in sitemap and then 
update the content the refreshed content will not be loaded.  This 
relates to sun's default JDK auto-caching of jars - so even when Cocoon 
realises this and opens a new stream the old content comes back.

I was able to fix this behaviour by modifying the URLSource code in 
excalibur to add setDefaultUsesCache(false) to urls where jar: is 
detected.  It seems like Excalibur (home page last updated June 06) 
isn't that active at the moment - so I'm wondering what the best thing 
to do is - having the jarred content remain cached is certainly a bit of 
a roadblock for using it as a source...

One way is to modify excalibur and replace the jars (this is the 
simplest method) - or another way would be to write a custom URL handler 
(eg cjar: or something) that could then be used in sitemap.  Any 
thoughts on this?  It's a little debatable where the issue should go...


PAIWASTOON Networking Services Ltd.
Kabul, Afghanistan

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