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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Site structure
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2007 08:45:09 GMT
Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>> Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
>>> Regardless of download presence, at the very least there should be a 
>>> 2.2 site set up and running.
>> IMNSHO we don't have anymore. 
>> Information about the core will be available at 
>> (see to 
>> get an idea of the big picture)
> Actually... About the big picture, I'm not sure I'm getting it. The 
> current site structure is:
>   /      - Cocoon Project (PMC) site
>   /1.x   - Cocoon 1.x site
>   /2.0   - ...
>   /2.1
> So from the POV of top level site, what is Cocoon 2.2 - where should it 
> be in the list of "Projects". Is it "Cocoon NG" project?
> Does it mean there is no "root" path for Cocoon 2.2 docs - they are all 
> scattered around PMC site? (I'm assuming here that /core-modules is not 
> the only path element used in 2.2 docs).
> Where would (radically different, hypothetical) Cocoon 3.0 go if Cocoon 
> 2.2 will take unversioned space? 
> Keep in mind that copy of 2.2.Last docs will have to be accessible after 
> 3.0 goes gold.

Starting with Cocoon 2.2 there is no such thing as one big assembly that we can 
call "Cocoon 2.2". Yes, we have a core, that is based on Spring, a clever 
convention-based configuration mechanism that allows adding functionallity and 
offers pipeline processing, a sitemap and a collection of components 
(generators, transformers, serializers, etc.).

Additionally we have things that can be used even without the above described 
Cocoon. This is the servlet-service framework and the spring-configurator.

And, we have numberous blocks. It's difficult to say if they are 2.2 specific or 
  could even be used in other environments, e.g. some next-generation Cocoon. 
Today we can't foresee whether this Cocoon NG will be based on what we have 
today or be a complete rewrite in Java, Ruby, C# or whatever and we don't know 
if things that we have today, will work there.

                                      - o -

The question now is, how do we deal with this situation? After thinking more 
about it yesterday, I came to the conclusion that the safest thing is following 
Vadim's idea of using for our core and the blocks.

The downside that I can think of is that we may get following URLs

I can live with that.

                                      - o -

I propose that I change the site structure to
      contains the "PMC site" and information about the most recent version of
      Cocoon and all subprojects
      gives an overview of what Cocoon 2.2 is, that we have a core, many blocks
      and Maven 2 modules and that it is based on the two sub-projects
      configuration and servlet-service.
      contains information about all the things that we consider as core
      (pipeline processing, tree processor, most important sitemap/pipeline
      contains the sites of all blocks
      contains information about all Maven 2 plugins that we provide
      contains information about the servlet-service sub project. Detailed
      information about our current implementation can be found at
      contains information about the spring configurator and the general
      configurator API. Detailed information about the modules can be found

                                      - o -


Reinhard Pötz           Independent Consultant, Trainer & (IT)-Coach 

{Software Engineering, Open Source, Web Applications, Apache Cocoon}


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