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From Bart Molenkamp <>
Subject CForms: how to find widget by it's full id?
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2007 08:05:57 GMT

There's probably a very easy answer to my question: how can I find a 
widget by it's full id? I have an id, like "boxes.1.contacts1" (it's a 
repeater inside an repeater), and now I want to find the repeater object 
(I have a reference to the Form instance).

getChild(id) gives me a direct child member (as far as I can see), and
lookupWidget(path) requires me to translate all the dots into slashes 
(boxes/1/contacts1 finds the correct widget).

So I can solve it with lookupWidget(), but I was wondering if there is a 
method of direct accessing a deeper child widget without having to 
modify the ID string. Something like 'findWidget()'. I can submit a 
patch if such a method may be useful.


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