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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: Releasing from trunk
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 16:50:04 GMT
Reinhard Poetz napisaƂ(a):
>> I would like to kindly ask if there is any chance my latest patches will
>> get included into this release. I think this (plus documentation I
>> really plan to write) will speed up adoption of servlet service fw and
>> promote good practices. I know they are breaking C2.1 (not only samples,
>> but contracts) so I think it's right time to discuss about stop sharing
>> these blocks. Without major changes there is no chance to push things
>> forward :(
> Which contracts are we breaking exactly?
Main advantage of using servlet-service is that blocks are more
decoupled, self contained and self responsible. With my latest changes
in forms code you really don't care we ajax block is mounted and how its
resources are server to browser. You just write
servlet:ajax/resources/dojo/dojo.js and responsibility of making it
valid link is on servlet-service fw. The same goes for including xsls
from other blocks etc. This way there is no global resources "tree"like
it was in C2.1(I'm talking about _cocoon/**), and this way all
dependencies can be easily tracked by glazing on connections property in
bean definition.
These is great, but C2.1 cannot handle servlet: links. It would be
rather hard to introduce fake functionality for link rewriting in 2.1.
We would have to write fake block-path module, backport the reader I'm
going to write really soon (to make link rewriting complete). It's seems
to be nonsense...
> I'm not sure when the right time for such a split is. If possible I
> would like to share at least the forms-impl as long as we have a final
> release of cocoon-core-2.2.
I think we'll hit chicken-egg problem really soon. It would be good to
release servlet-service along with cocoon-core-2.2 as it really includes
essential functionality. However, servlet-service is completely new
functionality that is not tested. Now you can test it only by playing
with some samples, but it's obvious they do not cover *real* testing.
Forms and Ajax was going to use servlet-service quite heavily so all
most important bugs would be spotted really soon.

I was going to write tutorial on using some new features of C2.2 just
after my patches got accepted. It's really important for me to have
released versions of Forms and Templates with my patches incorporated
because I would like to show in that tutorial that development with C2.2
powered by servlet-service is easy, clean and really, really refreshing.
Actually, I was planning to show how to create exemplary app that would
use forms generated from metadata (collected by other forms) on-the-fly.
Questions on how achieve this with Cocoon appear on user list quite
regularly and it would be really good presentation of Cocoon's powerful
and essential functionality.

Grzegorz Kossakowski

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