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From Bart Molenkamp <>
Subject [2.2] cocoon-batik-impl block compiles against parts of batik 1.5 (again), should be 1.6-1
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 15:18:58 GMT

I reported this problem earlier, spotted the error in the pom and a fix 
was applied to it. Now I found the same problem again.

The block cocoon-batik-impl compiles sources against batik-1.5-fop 
0.20.5, while the rest of batik is version 1.6-1. This breaks the block, 
because the signature of HashTableStack.put has changed (and isn't 
compatible anymore). See [1].

Now, the dependency batik-transcoder includes the (wrong) batik-1.5-fop 
as well. Could someone add the same exclusion that is added to the 
batik-squiggle dependency to the batik-transcoder dependency as well?
The exclusion is needed in both the batik-transcoder as in 
batik-squiggle (which requires the transcoder).

I can provide a patch, but maybe it's simpler for someone with write 
access to copy-paste the exclusion snippet. If I need to provide a 
patch, please let me now.



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