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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: ${cocoon.request.contextPath} returns null in 2.2
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 14:54:10 GMT
Grzegorz Kossakowski napisaƂ(a):
>> To get the mountPath, it is better to use the blockPath module e.g.
>> {block-path:ajax} (assuming that the cocoon-ajax-impl service servlet
>> is connected at the name ajax in the Spring config). You can also use
>> the service protocol inside the pipeline:
>> <script type="text/javascript"
>> src="servlet:ajax://resources/dojo/dojo.js"/>
>> and end the pipeline with a link rewriter transformer that use the
>> block path module to get the path right.
>> The link rewriter transformer can probably be configured to add the
>> prefix "/blocks-test" as well
> Doh! I've learned about blocks connections just few days ago and had
> enough time to forgot them ;)
> Obviously, I will try your hints.

Daniel, could review my last patches, please? On my machine all forms
works like a charm. Please provide your comments in appropriate issue
page.  It will be easier for someone else to track these discussion in
the future.

Grzegorz Kossakowski

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