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From Nicole Hochleiter <>
Subject Re: Extension of PropertiesFileModule
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2007 09:46:43 GMT
Mark Lundquist <lundquist.mark <at>> writes:

> Hi Nicole,
> In terms of the current code base, for overriding one properties file 
> with another the most parsimonious solution is to instantiate a 
> ChainMetaModule in cocoon.xconf.  Declare it to chain two 
> PropertiesFileModule instances — first the one for, 
> then the one for  No new classes required 
> But maybe it will be felt that supporting multiple properties files in 
> a single output module is desirable — in that case, it might be better 
> to just enhance PropertiesFileModule rather than add an additional 
> class....?
> cheers,
> —ml—
Hi Mark,
thanks for your answer and the hint with the ChainMetaModule. Since Cocoon is so
big you sometimes don't see, that it already has a solution for your problem,
like it is in my case. I didn't know the module and what it can do. But next
time I will look for existing solution or ask the mailing list first. :-)


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