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From Alexander Klimetschek <>
Subject Re: Block resources in 2.2 (Forms in particular case)
Date Sun, 28 Jan 2007 16:39:52 GMT
Grzegorz Kossakowski schrieb:
> Next thing is availability of the resources to the outside world. Will
> internal-only pipelines work as before (as expected I would say)? If I
> understand whole stuff correctly, resources that are accessible via
> servlet: protocol are also accessible directly from the browser because
> servlet exposing them is mounted at some URL.

Yes, you are absolutely right. That leads to my personal blocks-fw wishlist:

1) make it possible to mark matcher/pipelines as only accessible from 
other blocks (via block:/servlet: protocol)

2) have a PostableBlockSource where you can write into a block:/servlet: 
URL to pass request parameters

3) have a possiblity to use sitemap-resources (<resource>) from other 
blocks: either by integrating a mechanism into the blocks-fw (probably 
very difficult) or by adding a sitemap-include statement (like 
map:mount) which can refer to a sitemap located in a different block

Number 3) should actually be handled by the polymorphism, but this only 
works with matchers from which you want to read - with a 
PostableBlockSource it should be possible to do things like sitemap 
child matching, generating stuff etc. and then calling sitemap super 
with an XML stream for some final, shared layouting pipeline. But this 
might turn into a performance bottleneck, since it would need 
serialization of the XML stream for the PostableBlockSource....


Alexander Klimetschek

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